Welcome To Printistence

Why Choose Us?

Printistence is a Design and Print company. The brand was born out of the desire to change the narrative of design (poor quality) done by designers and substandard print done by printers.
The company was established in May, 2016 by a printing technologist – Eragbai Ebenezer, who is also a proficient visual artist with immersed experience in digital and print media. we commenced operations we have shown our strides for good designs and prints, ever since we have not looked back.
We have our business operations streamlined to Printmedia. We provide Design, Print, Flyers, Business Card, Brochure, Letter head, Polo Shirt etc. We also customize souvenirs which are: Pen, Umbrella, Mug etc. However, Printistence offers selected digital media services this includes: e-poster, e-brochure, e-invites.
We also enable small and medium scale enterprise (SME) to help them thrive in the ecosystem of Nigerian business. There are a lot of challenges facing startups in Nigeria. So we pledge support in subsidising the price of needful printmedia materials, which can promote a startup for a period of time. SME PACK provides Logo, sets of Business card and Letter Head paper.
In the future, we see most brands having in house designers. Printistence want to increase the numbers competent designer and not just designers. This is why we have started training individuals who have passion for Graphics Design and wants to master the skill.

Creative Design
At Printistence our team has mastered the art of design. Our designers have good knowledge of Abode Creative Suit – Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator; CorelDRAW; Cinema4D and Blender software packages for 2D (still graphics) and 3D (motion graphics). Our in-house designers have deeply immersed and harnessed the tools of these software packages for design creation and manipulation. We have the boldness say “we handle creative from vintage to modern style and everything in between it”.
We do due diligence to work on every design brief brought to us, and translate the ideas into creative. Our fascinating designs require little or no adjustments by our clients.

Branding is inevitable in today’s business. It used to be a turf for conglomerates and multinational business before now. Clients don’t purchase commodity for quality alone again, but wants to experience business in different dimensions. We create the atmosphere for our clients through design, print and promotional items with or without a campaign. i.e Printistence creates the overall perception of your brand via printmedia or selected digital media.

Is our forte and we know it like no other. We have our employees at Printistence specialized at different sectors of the print business. The complexity that goes into print is not enough for an individual to handle. To mention a few design, colour scheme, costing and estimating to quality control and quality assurance all have experts working on them.
Printistence is into human capacity building for the purpose of enablement. We have an apprenticeship program that teaches tenacious minds how to grow. Our trainings focus on Graphics Design and Print. Every graduate trainee that goes through Printistence Academy comes out ready to deliver a good in respective of the career path, be it design or print.

To put resources together that will help us get the best out of our employees for the satisfaction of clients.

We are committed to be the benchmark for Africa’s design and print quality